About Solo’s Hold

Hello Saberland!

Welcome to Solo’s Hold, a place for people who are looking for unique custom lightsabers or lightsaber stands.

I believe in a hand crafted approach so that each saber or lightsaber stand is unique to it’s owner. Each piece is made individually by hand by me; including the machining, electronics for sabers, and all the color, finishing or weathering. This approach takes a little more time, but when you receive something one-of-a-kind you know it’s worth it.

I really look forward to interacting with each one of you to understand your ideas. I always strive to have great communication when building something for each client. I make sure everything I do honors that connection – from my commitment to the highest quality Stand or Saber, to the way I engage with customers/clients to do business responsibly.

Thanks for coming to the website, and if you have any questions please email sales@soloshold.com  and I will get back with you ASAP.  

May the Force be with you, Always!!!!