TFU2 Lightsaber
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TFU 2 Lightsaber

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Inspired by the Starkiller/Galen Marek Force Unleashed 2 lightsaber, our lightsaber has taken 7 months of extreme design. This will be a very limited run of 18 sabers I’ll be doing this spring.


Now is your chance to own a limited, extremely accurate saber hilt that you can finish or weather any way you wish. You will have complete control over who does the install on your saber, whether you have me to the install, choose to do it yourself, or work with another installer; it is totally up to you. The PROMO SABER will let you choose the budget for your saber by choosing to have an install appropriate for your needs. You can chose whatever board you want (There are 2 switches in the control Box, 1 main and 1 AUX).


The complete version of the saber features the new NEC Z6 LED and the Igniter Mini.  For the complete saber version, I will start wiring them after the parts are done and the empty hilts have shipped.


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1 review for TFU 2 Lightsaber

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is one of my favorite sabers, really worth the wait. The design is so tight and cool looking – and they really went overboard on the pommel design and crystal chamber – it really sets this saber apart. Beyond just looking hot it also feels really secure in my hands no matter how hard I’m dueling. It’s just a completely different experience than most of the sabers out there.

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